Analysis of ZebStar – Personal Design

Today, I tried virtual modeling & analyzing my own made personal structural design whose physical model I made back in 2014 during Model Making in B.Tech. I named the model ZebStar.


After being introduced to an amazing free open-source software(FOSS) named FreeCad, by Dr. H.S. Rai, I was able to see the model’s virtual simulation to the loads finally. It is such a wonderful experience seeing your own design into action.


Initially, I got the following results:

Max. Displacement: 75.47 mm,  Avg. Displacement: 37.59 mm

After getting some guidance from Sir, I introduced hinges at the five vertices of the model, and the absolute displacement reduced significantly.

New Max. Displacement: 49.66 mm,  New Avg. Displacement: 17.42 mm


One can get different results based on the material applied. I’ve got the above results with concrete. I also changed the material to steel and got even lesser abs. displacement.


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