Automation in Design

After an introduction to Revit back in 2014, I was reintroduced to it in a totally different way in march this year by Dr. H.S. Rai. Sir gave me some new ideas for utilising Revit as a structural engineer’s tool. The idea was “Automation in Design”.

For the above work, I taught myself online with another amazing software named Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. As the name describes, it is the software for structural designing and analysis. The purpose was of direct integration of the two software.

Then, I modelled a simple RC structure in Revit and then analysed in Robot. After that updated the model in Revit and got the 3D visualisation of the reinforcement of the whole structure. Then using a 3rd party Revit plugin named Smart Assemblies from AGACAD, I got fully automated rebar drawings of the desired component with automated dimensioning & annotations too.

Thus, saving a lot of time from manually drafting the structural drawings in traditional CAD software.


For rebar shop drawings open the following pdf link:

Structural Drawings of Beam and Column

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