Turn your Handwriting into a Font

A Few days ago, in a morning class of Dr. H.S. Rai, as usual, Sir discussed some innovative ideas of using the computer for customization and saving time. One idea was aimed towards user’s own handwriting on the computer. Well, that was something I, of course, we the whole class have never thought of.

In the evening, I searched the internet regarding this and found some sites to be very useful listed below:

I used the first site and will be discussing its usage. After opening the site I immediately downloaded the template and filled the necessary letters.

Then the next step was to scan the filled template and uploading to the site. After successfully doing so I got my own handwriting font downloaded and I installed it in my Laptop.

Here is an example of my handwriting font: sample

According to me the results didn’t meet the expectations. The font alignment, spacing and size looks horrible to me. The template which I downloaded from the site requires a special skill to fill.

However, it’s good for fun. You can give it a try.


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