Parametric Model of Raw Sewage Collection Tank

These days I’m going through the drawings of a Sewage Treatment Plant. Today I created a parametric model of the raw sewage collection tank.


Well, there are many approaches to model such structure. But as I said its parametric, so one has to take care of the approach to be followed. A wrong approach would create problem in the later stage.


If one has to build a simple 3D model of this structure, it would take around 15-30 minutes. When it comes to parametric modeling, the initial time could be more to decide the proper approach but the manual time to rebuild a structure for some different parameters could be saved to a lot of extent, also the repetitive steps are decreased.

In this model, I added different parameters for every component. Small to small detail needs to be assigned for better results. For eg: This model contains the provision for tapered and slant walls too.

The Bar-Screen Chamber is also provided with sufficient details like base support for the Manholes.


Further, the automatic drawings for the different views were also obtained.


Files related to the model can be found in the following links:

FCStd file, DWG file, PDF file and SVG file: (

In the upcoming articles, I’ll be sharing the full reinforced model of this structure and different realistic rendered images soon. Yes! you heard it right. I’ll be writing how this Free Open Source Software(FOSS) can beat/compete the proprietary software in field of rendering too with comparable textures.


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