Rendering of Tapered Footing

NOTE: All the rendered images are produced with default settings. No extra effects, scenes & textures are added to glorify the results. Software have been used to their extreme low functionality.

Before going for the rendering of complex & big structures, I tried it for a very small component, i.e, Tapered Footing with Rebars as discussed in one of my previous article.

The whole process is inbuilt in FreeCAD in its Ray tracing workbench, as it is pre-loaded with two FOSS render engines, i.e, POV-Ray & LuxRender. I tried render projects using both of them.

1. POV-Ray

I created the first render project using this inbuilt software. A separate window for POV-Ray gets opened when I executed the process.  There are many functionalities there, one can also use some coding to get customized results. The user gets complete freedom to get the desired result. I didn’t go into much depth and just started the default rendering process as mentioned in NOTE above. I got the following rendered image within a minute.

Render with POV-Ray

As you can see, the quality is quite decent.

2. LuxRender:

The second render project was done using the another inbuilt render engine. It also gets a separate interface and the functionality is more GUI in this case. Here also I didn’t get into much details and just started the rendering. In this case, the user can get out of the render process whenever the results are found to be satisfactory. Below is the rendered output image which I got in a few seconds more than POV-Ray:

Render with LuxRender

Here also one can see a brilliant result.

There is an another famous FOSS render engine named Blender. In coming days it will be also inbuilt with FreeCAD. But right now also one can use the FreeCAD OBJ & some other supported files in Blender to get the amazing results.

Conclusion: During these days one thing I’m able to conclude is that the functionalities done by proprietary software can also be competitively done by FOSS and sometimes even far better. So, one question that we need to ask ourselves is that why should we use such proprietary software(which may even enslave the user) when we have even far better FOSS choices with us?



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