Parametric Model of a Gurudwara

Today, I tried creating a parametric model of a Gurudwara with a dome on its roof and a customised door.

Creating a dome was something very fresh for me and I really enjoy creating such unusual shapes. The approach building the dome has to be taken care, if it is to be parametric. Also the profile of the dome has to be kept in mind to get the desired shape.

Secondly, modelling such customised door/window lets you know the freedom of modelling in FreeCAD. One can build anything of any desired shape.


To the dome, I added the material properties as GOLD and the appearance gets very refined.

Then, using POV-Ray I rendered the model and got the following result.


This time I tried to study the coding of the rendered file and changed the background colours with gradients.

At the end, I extracted some automatic drawings of different views.


PDF file of the above drawing: dome



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