Working with BIMserver

In this article, I’ll be writing about something very interesting & useful for AEC industry in the field of BIM. The interesting thing is BIMserver, again a FOSS tool. Professionals can work on it from their different locations and have a good integration among themselves regarding the project.

Professionals from AEC industry can upload their respective model of the project on a single platform and update it with the revisions being made.


The users can then add their respective models to the project as subprojects. Here in the demonstration, I took the architectural & the structural model of a building. I uploaded them from their different users’ subprojects.

Architectural Model
Structural Model

Then these two models are automatically merged by the server and the final project file can be viewed and downloaded.

Merged Model

There are many other functions that are available in BIMserver. One of the important function is Query. It is a type of language originally made for BIM to call BIM objects such as footing, column, beam, slab, roof, stair, window, door, rebar, etc. Some of the screenshots can easily explain its usage:



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