A Serious Step Towards Freelancing

While working as BIM researcher from last year, I’ve come through many fascinating things on my way. There are many software skills which I got polished and some exciting things that I learned. Apart from my core field of civil & structural Engineering, I sharpened some of my skills which I am passionate about, like CAD, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, 3D printing, 3D BIM modeling, presentations and writing skills. These are some of the skills that are in high demand throughout the globe.

I realized this when I tried an online freelancing platform named Upwork and got a 3D modeling work from a client of South Korea. I was successfully able to complete the assigned work in an hour, a day before the actual day assigned by the client. As I’m perfect at my work, so made the client happy when he saw the quality of work. This made him gave me an excellent feedback with a 5.0 rating on the scale of 5.0.

I really love the way freelancing is. One needs not to travel to work, you can get a handsome pay depending upon the skills and quality of work delivered. In addition to this, one gets to learn a lot of new things when assigned different projects.

I kept on exploring about freelancing and then I was introduced to Toptal.com which made me think & took it seriously. I was pretty impressed by the way it filters out the best out of the best freelancers. As they claim only 3% of the candidates are able to clear their screenings. This put a great impression on the recruiters as well as the freelancers. This clearly proves Toptal do not compromise with the quality & standards at all.

Following all these pros, I made my mind to apply for Toptal and today I got a skype interview call schedule from them. I’m happy & quite confident to attend the upcoming skype session.

As I already told I’ve 3D modeling design skills, so I’ll be interested to join the Toptal Visual Designers Network. Wish me luck & lets hope for the best.

I really recommend all the freelancers out there to have a look at Toptal once. I’m sure you’ll definitely sign up there.

Thank you.


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