3D Model of a Sink

I made this 3D model of a sink after I found a job post with a 2D drawing. I was out of connects (tokens) so couldn’t apply to the job. But the 2D drawing was available publically, so I tried its modeling.


It was something different for me as never tried hands on kitchen or plumbing appliances, as earlier in my first job for mechanical equipment. But the main the concept here is the drawing and modeling approach.

However, I enjoyed modeling it. 🙂

Some of its render images are below:



4 Comments Add yours

  1. archvizz says:

    Brother i’m learning freecad 0.16v but i’m faces problem.When I click structure,don’t show structure elements view.How to fix it.


    1. Hi, Kindly use recent build of FreeCAD 0.17. Secondly, I didn’t get your doubt. Which structural element view are you talking about?


      1. archvizz says:

        Can i send picture


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