Temporary Solution: Printing Problem of Drawings in FreeCAD

Users facing problem in printing drawings in FreeCAD may follow the following procedure to get clear drawing prints:

1. Make the structural object in arch workbench.
2. Open the part workbench and select three sides of the object, i.e. top and two adjacent sides.
3. Then apply thickness to these sides with value of 0.01 mm, mode as pipe and join type as intersection.
4. Then open the arch workbench again and make the thickness object as a structure object.
5. Select any side and make rebar sketch.
6. Assign the required rebar properties.
7. Then open the drawing dimensioning workbench and take desired orthographic projections and assign the respective dimensions.
The above procedure is made to solve out the hidden line problem as rebars are shown as hidden lines and hidden lines are not printed clearly.
Check the following FCStd file and PDF file for reference:
1. FCStd File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2srCBW5-wsac0gxZFhubGJ6U3c/view?usp=sharing
2. PDF File: rebar

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