BIM Discussion While Travelling

WP_20170102_16_11_12_Pro.jpgWell, this is the first article I’m writing while traveling. While I’m on the way back to my college, two of the fellow travellers who were sitting just with me dropped off to their bus stop 🚏.

Both of them started the journey along with me from the same place. Talking to each other they introduced me themselves & I learnt that they are CCTV service providers. They told me that they left the studies after passing off 12th standard and then just went into this field of CCTVs. Now, they are earning quite well then a graduate engineer.

Then, I started questioning about the way in which they provide their services to the clients. They started telling about their various problems while executing their services. Now here started the BIM discussion.

They told that they go through the CAD drawings of the building to mark the points for their CCTV locations. This makes them frustrated as most of the time such 2D drawings are hard to understand & visualize by them as well as the clients which makes their communication vulnerable. Secondly, many times drawings are not even available.

Then I introduced them about BIM – Building Information Modeling, its basic concept, various benefits & how can they implement it.

At first, they were astonished with the idea. They said it would make their work much easier & efficient then before. They would be able to visualise the building virtually and execute their services through it. Also, this would be used by them for the entire life cycle of the building.

Further, there were many other brief conversations related to the system. They also agreed with the mafia created by Architectures fetching big bucks from the clueless clients.

Overall, that one hour interesting travel went so fast with time. What I can conclude is that we really need a BIM awareness.


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