The Controversial OPEN BIM

Disclaimer: The article is not intended to promote or defame any software vendor or organization.

We’ve often seen popular BIM software vendors shouting about OPEN BIM and promoting it massively. They even question the user that why you should care about OPEN BIM.

But do they really care? So do we?

The harsh reality is neither do they care at all about it, nor we the blind users.

The foundation of OPEN BIM and buildingSMART is IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file format. But as per now, leading software vendors have developed their own collaborative formats and several plugins to fulfill their requirements. Even, those are being promoted in the name of OPEN BIM along with IFC and poor IFC comes nowhere in the picture.

But IFC is not poor, its condition is being made poor and it is just left for the formality sake. IFC has got such a rich sets of definitions, classes and attributes. AEC professionals usually complain about the information getting lost in their IFC files and considering it as a brainwashing thing. The fault is not in the IFC, the real fault lies in those software which fail to deliver and parse their BIM model information into IFC.

But unfortunately, our minds are made so commercialized and enslaved by the mechanism & marketing of these software, that we fail to realize the real story.

Leading researchers throughout the world have contributed a lot to BIM. The author of this article stands nowhere in front of them. But some questions that we as the true researchers really need to think:

Is our research really contributing to OPEN BIM? Or are we feeding the commercialized software with our research to let them grow more and enslave the users? Are we making the things really easy or more tough for the users?



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