Custom Logo in Drawing Sheet & New Workbench

Video tutorial is added to the article.

Eklavya Self Learning Tutorials (Nirbhay Chauhan)

Today I did some modifications with one of the drawing templates in FreeCAD. The task was to get an own custom logo in the drawing sheet in place of the FreeCAD logo. For this, I installed an amazing FOSS named Inkscape. It is a wonderful software, but I didn’t go in much depth and just did the things I needed as per my requirements. The drawing templates of FreeCAD are in SVG format. I edited one of those templates in Inkscape and imported my own custom logo and saved the resultant template in FreeCAD’s directory.

The result is as following:

screenshot-62screenshot-62qSecondly, I installed an additional workbenchnamed Drawing Dimensioning which makes plotting  the annotations & dimensions on drawing sheet so easy.

Link to watch the video tutorialWatch here

I created a rebar model of a slabfor its demonstration,something as following:


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