BIM Discussion

Click here to view the discussion.

Hello, viewers.

Above link directs to the recorded video session on BIM discussion with Er. Harmanpreet Singh working as a software engineer in an MNC at Chennai. Following are some of the topics covered in the above session:

  1. After researching a lot about BIM. What inspires you to learn more and research more about BIM?
  2. What was there before BIM?
  3. Why should I use BIM?
  4. How BIM is shaping the future?
  5. I heard that in India, companies, architects and engineers do not make much use of BIM? Is it true? If yes, why?
  6. How can BIM help in minimising any potentially negative impacts of the new structure on nearby buildings?
  7. How can BIM help in making a plan for efficient construction?
  8. How BIM help in determining how the shape would be impacted by the wind?
  9. Can you explain BIM using some case study?
  10. What I need to do to implement BIM in my project?
  11. How BIM will help users of my project?



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