The Flop Show of Plagiarism Software

The most terrifying stage in the life of a research student comes when his/her intense hard work of several years is to be tested by a worthless software. It is the software that decides the authenticity of one’s research work in the name of “Plagiarism Test”.

The functioning of these software is so dumb that a student who did his research with full honesty and dedication, will make his/her morale down to a great extent. In spite of identifying the stolen ideas, the software checks for the group of words. It is acceptable that such functionality is useful while discovering the copied content. But, the absence of artificial intelligence makes someone’s original content also comes under the scanner and raises the graph of plagiarism.

For eg: most of the times, the grouping of the words with the articles “a, an and the” comes under scanner as a copied content. Secondly, one has to be very careful while writing his/her work taking in care of the adjoining words. The common grouped words like “computer system”, “building code”, “dealing with”, “design practice”, etc are easily identified by the software. Such examples may sound silly but this is the poor reality of the present scenario. There can be many other such strange disappointing examples.

As a result, a research scholar has to spent majority of his/her time manipulating the modifications in the writings, despite being purely authentic. Sometimes, the student may have a feeling to write a grammatically wrong language to escape from plagiarism.

Do we want to encourage our students to adopt such false practices?

I’m surprised how do the so-called recognised educational institutes with several accreditations rely on such dumb software. The uphill battle in doing the research is left upon the misleading report generated by an unfaithful piece of software. Another surprising fact is why do the authorities of such institutes make the purchase of such software. Even, if one assumes that the academicians are also well aware of the flaws of these software, then why do they allow such piece of code to be part of the education system.

With whom are we left to blame upon?

Should we really enjoy such flop shows of plagiarism software?


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