The blend of BIM of FreeCAD and Revit

Every BIM software has its own key speciality. Both FreeCAD and Revit are amazing software for BIM modelling. FreeCAD has the advantage of CAD and parametric modelling in it whereas, Revit comes with the advantage of placing the prebuilt libraries. For an expert modeller who wants to model complex shapes from scratch, FreeCAD is the first choice. When it comes to modelling practice by using libraries for modelling, Revit leads the race.

There are issues present in every software, no single software can be self-sufficient and perfect. It is the interoperability which comes into play during such times when a user wants to utilise the features of more than one software. IFC plays an important role here. No doubt, there are still several issues in BIM software to implement IFC fully, but a satisfactory of work can be done to a good extent.

Following are some of the screenshots of a model of a Villa that I’ve modelled using both FreeCAD and Revit.


View the 3D Model of this villa on this link: Villa 3D Model


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