New Rebar tools in FreeCAD

Screenshot (38)

A new rebar addon is added to the FreeCAD to provide various functionalities to the advanced user, which makes it the first and the only FOSS to provide structural detailing.

Follow the steps to install this addon:

  1. Download the latest build of FreeCAD from FreeCAD 0.17.
  2. Then install the reinforcement workbench from the addon manager in the tools section of FreeCAD.
  3. Restart the FreeCAD and you’ll see new rebar tools in the Arch workbench.


The functioning of these new rebar tools is impressive. Simple console makes it easier to input the desired values. A lot of manual time is saved in sketching the rebars. Custom spacing in the case of stirrups is also fine. It would be better if it is included in the input console itself.

One thing I noticed while placing the bars was that they are placed along a face parallel to the axis. The availability to place the bars perpendicular to the axis should also be there. For eg: if a user wants to place straight bars in case of columns, he/she cannot do that with these new tools instead, one has to use the old rebar-sketch system to place such straight bars.

Various rebar libraries need to be built. As far as now, an excellent amount of work has been done to take FreeCAD to an another level.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. parveen0008 says:

    I did the same, but didn’t get the new rebar tools.


    1. Well, you must be missing any step. Consult Amrit. He’s there at TCC these days.


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