The Overlooked #LOI(Information)


Hello, Everyone. Greetings from India.

AECO industries from different corners of the world have started tasting the multi-flavored BIM. Even several nations are readily investing in digitalizing their projects. Some fascinating research works related to BIM are also coming in the picture. But the simplicity of BIM is often made complex by misunderstanding some essential terms.

One of those essential terms is LOD, i.e. Level of Detail or Level of Development or Level of Definition. Interestingly, all of the above three terms have different significance.

  1. LODetail is the input of the amount of graphical details in a model. It adds to the aesthetics of the geometry of the model.
  2. LODevelopment relates to the phase of the modelling which adds to the clarity of the content and usefulness of the model to a user respective to the requirement.
  3. Now comes the LODefinition which is the sum of LODevelopment and LOInformation, i.e. LOD = LOD + LOI.

One may ignore LODetail or LODevelopment for a while but LOI is something which is must to hold the concept of BIM. As it is the information that builds the model. This is what the core concept of BIM is and should never be overlooked.

BIM is not only about modelling the fancy buildings and structures. In fact, it is the capability of software used for generating a BIModel. The inclusion of the information is something which makes BIM stand apart from the conventional CAD and 3D modelling practices.

As a Structural Engineer with the research background in OpenBIM, I must say that it is the LOI which plays a crucial role while developing a BIM Authoring tool. The IFC, i.e. Industry Foundation Classes, open file sharing format for BIM, is something which totally relies upon the concept of BIM. The text file of IFC gives one a clear picture of the LOI in a model. While going through the entities’ definitions in any of the IFC documentation, one gets to know the importance of information in BIM.

Well, thanks everyone for sparing your precious time. Please feel free to give your valuable feedback.


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