Scope of BIM in FreeCAD

Hello Everyone.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my thoughts for the scope of BIM in FreeCAD. As the majority of my posts are already related to FreeCAD only, well in this article I’ll be demonstrating a sample micro house as an example including it’s architectural as well as structural details to show integrated project delivery (IPD).

At first, I simply created the architectural model of the house as shown below.


Then hiding the unnecessary architectural details, I kept the required structural components in active view and modelled some other structural objects like columns, slabs and beams along with some rebar detailing. Following are some of the screenshots of them.


Finally, after completion of the structural modelling, I unhide the architectural components to have a complete view of the house model as shown below.


Well, this is just a typical example of how the collaborative work can be done using FreeCAD. No doubt, there are still many features required but the development is going on rapidly. One of the very important features of Arch Grid has been updated but the ability to remove or keep selected objects is still in progress.



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