Dynamo for Structural Engineers


Hi Everyone.

This article is regarding an exciting visual programming tool named Dynamo. It is a free open source graphical programming tool for designing. With this tool, one can take the structural designing and BIM to a whole new level. I should better say Dynamo is a blessing in disguise for structural engineers. I feel so because I’m from the same background. With the power of computational design, the conceptual masses can be designed very efficiently. Moreover, getting the analytical model of such conceptual designs for a structural engineer for further analysis is very easily achievable as compare to the conventional modelling methods.

There are some terms in Dynamo which may be unfamiliar at first to most of us but they are all related to pure CAD knowledge, for eg: line, curve, nurbs, coordinates, etc. Moreover, before designing any structure in Dynamo, one should have a clear picture of the approach to be used to achieve the desired design. Dynamo is the most finest example of parametric modelling. At last, the design can be linked to the Revit by assigning some additional parameters of the families to the geometry created.

I tried my hands on this valuable tool and designed an arch-truss bridge structure as shown below. Thanks to a wonderful YouTube Tutorial.

Screenshot (87)

Feel free to download and use the dynamo script of this bridge model given in this link: Script


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