A Special Post



Hi Everyone.

Yes, this is a special post. First of all, a very Happy Diwali to all of you. On this day of lights, I would like to share my journey till now. I think I’ve never mentioned how this free blog and free YouTube channel got started. Things got changed after I took admission in M. Tech in Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana back then in 2015 and got influenced by the thoughts of Dr. H. S. Rai and his unique working style. Fortunately, I got the chance to select him as my Guide. Steadily, the discussions started getting interesting and I was introduced to the BIM in a whole new way by him. My interest in FOSS began to increase and got to know from Sir about FreeCAD – the first and the only FOSS for BIM modelling. Initially, I faced problems in operating it as there were no tutorials for using BIM in FreeCAD. Then, Sir advised me why not to start making your own tutorials and share it with the world ‘coz there must be many others who also want to learn the same thing. That’s how this blog and the YouTube channel named Eklavya Self Learning Tutorials took birth. I never knew that it will get such a positive response and as a result of sharing I’ll be able to learn so much.

My research for developing an IFC-based structural code compliance system was going in parallel to all these activities. During this phase, a young python expert Amritpal Singh has helped me a lot in shaping my programme. He recently developed the Rebar Addon for FreeCAD during his GSoC project. Once my interest for IFC got deeper, I never knew when the evening used to happen. The weekly discussions with Yorik Van Havre (Core developer of FreeCAD) were pretty much helpful in understanding the IFC and IfcOpenShell. His continuous support and motivation can never be ignored.

It was a pleasant surprise when Sir Nick Nisbet (Vice Chair, BuildingSMART UK) noticed my work and provided me with some very helpful comments & suggestions to improve my research project. I feel both honored and humbled at the same time to receive his expert insight. I’m also thankful to David Delgado Vendrell (Chief Architect, DDV Architecture, Spain) who provided me with some essential suggestions and very helpful sample files to understand the problem I was facing.

Regis Nde Tene (Architect, Canada) is a FreeCAD expert who has already contributed a lot to the Arch workbench of it by making some very useful video tutorials. My frequent interaction with him has always been helpful to me in getting a better insight of FreeCAD. A big thanks to Ryan Schultz (Founder, OpeningDesign) who makes his BIM projects in open, i.e. all of his work is hosted on GitHub and open to the public for free. His working style has been very inspiring and his group of IFC has helped brought the IFC lovers on a single place.

In between I got a chance to met Amarnath CB (Founder, IBIMA) who’s love and passion for BIM is remarkable. He has played a very major role in gathering the BIM community of India at a single platform and doing the efforts to make BIM knowledge accessible to everyone. I’m very thankful to him for motivating me and I feel lucky to be an active member of India BIM Association (IBIMA).

There are many other helpful people across the Globe with whom I got the opportunity to exchange knowledge. It may be tough for me to mention all of them in a single post. I never knew that this journey of self-learning and sharing will get me in touch of so many beautiful minds. I’m highly grateful to all the academicians, researchers and industry experts throughout the world, it is because of their selfless efforts that the BIM has achieved such great heights.

I wonder would I still be able to get a drop from these oceans of knowledge if I’d not started anything. I strongly encourage everyone to once start exploring his/her interests and share it to the world. The world is full of good people who will then never let you down and eventually it will be you to get the most out of it.

And yes, a special thanks to YouTube, WordPress and the whole World Wide Web in making the learning and contributing easier to make education freely accessible to everyone. To conclude the whole post, I must quote one of the saying of my Guide, “Sharing and Caring attract a lot of Blessings.” In today’s commercial world, Blessings are still the biggest wealth of mankind.

Thank you.




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