The Segregated BIM

Hi Everyone.

Firstly, I really apologise for posting an article after a long gap, was busy in relocating and some general issues. Now, I’m trying to get settled steadily.

Well, this article is focused on the philosophy of BIM whose real concept is getting fragmented with time. The usage of BIM is getting segregated. There can be a couple of factors behind this.

Interoperability is one of such issue which has remained a popular talk among the industry experts and researchers. There is no hardcore rule to eradicate this problem. Many leading minds of all the time have made a very clear statement for this, i.e. Open Standards and OpenBIM. These are the two theories which are often talked much and least implemented.

No doubt, there are a handful of brilliant research projects based on these concepts and implemented successfully. Unfortunately, the pace of adopting the researches by the industry is relatively slow to the researches being done. Things aren’t going much in parallel. This is one of the reasons that industry lags behind the present researches.

It can be generally noticed that one or the other BIM software is totally accepted by a firm and its use is taken as per the requirement of the project. Again, here also the BIM is regarded as a successor to drafting despite taking some real Engineering use of it. Plenty of plugins, add-ons and tools are developed to have some exchange of data between two software.

Its been almost two decades for the continuous development of IFC and one can easily notice its richness in terms of the issues being mentioned. But still, its usage is least or next to none. However, the problem is not with the industry.

What will a professional do of IFC when there is no proper platform to import, export and operate it. Most of the essential information from a BIM software never goes into IFC. Even majority of the industry experts feel drowned in these number of software. The day to day mechanism is such that thinking out of the box gets limited and a particular BIM software rules the whole.


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