BIM: The Unrecognised Engineering

Hi Everyone.

I hope you all are doing great. These days I probably get time on weekends only to share few words with you. This article includes my thoughts that I’ve been experiencing from so long the day I started researching on BIM.

The whole AEC industry is aggressively working on implementing BIM in their projects and workflows. BIM has been and still a hot topic for the researchers worldwide. Despite of such importance of BIM in the whole AEC market, it is still left somewhere unrecognised. BIM is very much an Engineering, indeed it is an Engineering. But as a common practice, it is regarded as a successor to traditional CAD. Please stop degrading BIM with such myths and assumptions. No doubt you can take the use of BIM for CAD services but there is lot more that you can do with it.

Actually, the fault is not ours. It is very surprising not to see any subject related to BIM in the Engineering courses. The education sector is yet to recognise it as a dedicated subject. It should be very clearly realised that the AEC industry is evolving at a very good pace with more and more adoption of BIM every year. In such case, it means more number of jobs in this sector. Unfortunately, learning BIM is limited to getting trained in a couple of BIM software. But the real concept of BIM is lost in between.

Recently, buildingSMART launched a global standard certification system in BIM for the individuals which is a much needed step and worth appreciating.


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