Parametric BIM in Dynamo


Hi Everyone.

I tried to make the first day of this weekend a li’l constructive by designing a Parametric Overhead Water Tank in Dynamo. In one of my previous articles, I designed a similar parametric water tank in FreeCAD.

The approach of modelling in Dynamo is totally different. It is entirely based on Algorithm Aided Design by using the platform of Graphical/Visual Programming. Things may seem complex at first but get settled with regular practice. I’ve already given an introduction to it in one of my articles.

These visual programming tools provide a lot of freedom, flexibility and efficiency to the power user. Apart from modelling, BIM data management also gets easy. These tools are like a medium to human brain and computer where once can literally do the parametric talking and query with the database.

There are certain basic parameters I used to define the geometry of this water tank. Have a look at the following short GIF to get an insight of the live parametric changes to the model.



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