Dynamo vs Cooking

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Hi, Everyone.

This weekend has been totally different for me. It is the first time in my life that I’ve cooked some food and believe me, it feels really great that provided me with immense happiness. I was able to cook a couple of pretty delicious dishes as shown in the snapshot above.

I got the instructions from my Mom telephonically and implemented them successfully. The moment I was figuring out the steps sequentially, I got a feeling like writing a Dynamo script. It was exactly the same thought process of creating an algorithm to achieve a delicious result.

Just like in Dynamo, if a single node is wrongly connected, we get an error or warning. Similarly, is the cooking, if one or two ingredients get here and there, you’ll end up with upsetting your stomach. The pre-programmed nodes are like ingredients for Dynamo which have to be rightly connected with other nodes at right time and at right step needed.

The next big thing could be creating these ingredients, i.e, the nodes as per the requirement of the task. Let’s see in the coming days what Python has got for these ingredients.

Apart from modelling, one must be aware of the other uses of Dynamo also. The main three uses comprise of:

  1. Creation – Parametric Modelling
  2. Management – BIM Data Management & Workflow
  3. Query – Code Compliance

The Query feature of the Dynamo provides us with the medium to interact with the database of the software. But this is something which has not been used to its top extent till date. I’m looking forward to try using it for the purpose of complex structural code compliance, similar to my research project of structural code compliance using IFC. You can refer this link to my video for further study.

Last but not the least, it would be something great if Dynamo could be linked to other BIM software also. As per now, it can play with the database of Revit only. As Dynamo is an Open Source platform, it would be a pleasure to see it linked with the first and only free open source BIM modelling software – FreeCAD.


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  1. This post is amazing, I could never able to relate cooking with programming, very innovative plus very interesting. Thank you


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