Recreating Qutub Minar



Hi Everyone.

Ancient structures have been the most fascinating piece of architecture of all times. The beauty of their complex geometries has been the point of attraction for many experts.  One of such structures is the Qutub Minar in India. Today, I tried to recreate it digitally in BIM through Dynamo.

Following are some of the rendered images of the structure along with screenshots from Dynamo.

Qutub.rvt_2018-Jan-09_12-07-47AM-000_3D_View_1Qutub.rvt_2018-Jan-09_12-12-18AM-000_3DQutub.rvt_2018-Jan-09_12-18-28AM-000_3DScreenshot (232)Screenshot (231)


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  1. archvizz says:

    Dear sir,why you back in Free CAD to Ravit,

    Sent from my Windows 10 phone


    1. I’m just experimenting with Dynamo which is also an open source software.


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