The Ongoing Evolution of BIM

Disclaimer:  All views expressed in this post are my own and not the views of BuroHappold.


Hi, Everyone.

The current time in the AEC industry can be considered as the best phase where one can see the ongoing evolution of BIM. It has been just a few years for some countries to experience the taste of BIM, that already a new transition can be seen in the conventional practices. The rate at which the users are evolving has never been seen before. The users are no more satisfied with the static BIM models and have started playing around with the parameters. The importance of each and every parameter is counted very precisely now.

There are tools available in the market as add-ons to the BIM software that can increase the productivity and efficiency exponentially. An open source plugin like Dynamo has been there for years but its better use has been taken in the present times. Its adoption rate has increased significantly. From simple visual programming to creating custom nodes to textual programming, users are taking a leap forward in upgrading and aligning themselves with the current technology.

BIM practices have started the intervention of CUI along with GUI. It is very well realised that the complex and unusual geometries cannot be achieved alone with GUI. Tools like Dynamo are making such tasks much easier. The approach of Algorithm Aided Design is being adopted rapidly. It can also be observed that the gap between information technology and other core engineering sectors is getting narrower.

It is not just the unusual shapes which fantasize us, but also the real purpose of BIM which is getting fulfilled, i.e. the building data management. The information can be very well maintained and queried now. The repetitive changes are no more prone to human errors.

However, the real soul of BIM, i.e. the IFC is still not seen much in the picture in the day to day practices. Every day we are becoming more efficient in producing parametric models but transaction of their parametric intelligence through IFC is still a challenge. No doubt, there has been some appreciable work done before and still going on for this issue which I will try to discuss in my next post.




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